About Us

Search Expander is a service that provides search engines with additional data in the form of knowledge panels, instant answers, widgets and more, in order to improve the search experience for their users. This, in turn, increases user retention and improves the public's perception of the search engine, which leads to more positive reviews, which helps to attract more users. By attracting more users and helping to retain those users, we hope that our service will more than pay for itself.

Our knowledge panels, instant answers and widgets were originally developed for our search engine SearchScene.com. SearchScene was a charitable search engine that donated 95% of its profits to charities that helped to fight the causes and effects of climate change. Unfortunately, SearchScene proved to be too difficult and expensive to market, and so, with heavy hearts, we finally closed the site on 31 December 2021.

Whilst researching the search engine landscape, we realised just how many alternative search engines there were. Some are private, some are charitable, some offer a unique experience, but they all compete with the giant that is Google. Whilst most of these search engines were partnered with either Bing or Google, and so got their baseline search results from them, they were left to build their own knowledge panels, instant answers, widgets and so on. Some did a great job, some less so, and some didn't bother, but none came close to matching those on Bing or Google.

Whilst developing SearchScene, we spent a significant amount of time developing our knowledge panels, instant answers and widgets. When we closed the site, we decided that we would offer these as a service to other search engines to help other search engines to improve their search experience and compete more effectively with Google. It seemed crazy to us that so many search engines were struggling to develop the same technology, with each one effectively re-inventing the wheel. And so, we developed our search engine technology as a stand-alone service that other search engines could use.

There are more and more alternative search engines appearing on the market, offering a more diverse choice to users. We want to help give these search engines a better search experience for their users, making them a more realistic alternative to Google.

If you run a search engine then feel free to get in touch with us, check out our How it Works page, or sign-up for free to play around with our API for yourself.